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Slip! Dinner Game

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Make Your Next Dinner Party Unforgettable

Imagine a dinner conversation where every guest at the table is engaged, attentive, and laughing — both the shy and the outgoing alike.

Slip! is the card game that energizes the party (without dominating the conversation). 

How to Play 

Every Slip! card contains a unique phrase guests must say — verbatim — during dinner.

Place one card under each dinner plate. Throughout the meal, your guests will guess when the other players have slipped their phrase into the conversation.

Does she actually “like rainy days?” Does he truly “want to lick a walrus?” 

Some phrases are easy to slip in. Others are nearly impossible. Each one leads to giggles and gaffes.

(Here’s a secret: Slip! is more than a game — it’s the reason your guests will listen mindfully to one another.)

Slip some Slip! cards into your next dinner party and watch the fun unfold.

Product Features

  • Four difficulty levels to challenge everyone
  • A sturdy, full-color box for gifting or travel
  • Easy-to-learn rules for instant fun (and laughter)
  • Recommended ages 15+, 2 players

Ships by June 2022

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