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Spigo Steel Kitchen Compost Bin With Vented Charcoal Filter and Bucket, White, 1 Gallon

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Meet a stylish environmental solution for recycling your kitchen waste and stop throwing away food scraps in the garbage! This compost bin is designed to be attractive enough to keep front and center on your countertop. The Compost Bin is used to store food scraps until they can be transferred to an outdoor composter. Its sturdy handles makes it easy to carry the compost bin outside and its removable lid to keep emptying simply. This isn’t your ordinary compost bin, it features, a removable and replaceable plastic bucket inside for easy cleanings, a lid with charcoal filter which absorbs and contains unpleasant odors making this a perfect addition to your kitchen. This compost bin can store more than fruit and vegetable peelings you can also use it for tea leaves, flowers and coffee grounds, even eggshells. After you’ve composted all your kitchen materials you can transfer the organic material to your outside compost bin and later return the nutrients back to the earth's soil. It’s attractive retro design with stainless steel finish with enamel coating complements most decor while still providing durability, so that this can last as your favorite compost bin for a very long time. This compost bin gives you the option to store it on your kitchen counter or inside your cabinet. Transfer your food scraps in style! The retro vintage design has a clean yet timeless design. Made with Stainless steel exterior and plastic basket inside. The compact size and small footprint is meant not to take too much counter space. The Charcoal filter is easily replaceable, Measures: 5.25 Inches Diameter. COLOR: White. BUCKET CAPACITY: 1 Gallon, 4 Quarts, or 16 Cups. MEASUREMENTS WITHOUT HANDLES: 8.2x7.8 Inches, WITH HANDLES: 9.5x10 Inches.

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