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SPLATZ™ are bursting bubbles of pure hand soap that literally SPLAT! when kids squeeze them. Developed by an entrepreneurial designer (mom) and two Harvard/MIT scientists (dads) using a patent-pending formula and all natural ingredients, these irresistible balls of fun change the way kids think about washing their hands. 

Your SPLATZ™ Case Pack of 100 Travel & Trial Size (3oz Units) 

  • Variety of colors: 40x Turquoise, Pink & Green
  • Natural, biodegradable ingredients with a light citrus scent
  • Promotes healthy habits and daily routines
  • Developed by a mom and two Harvard scientists 
  • Made in the USA
  • 3oz Travel Size = 20 SPLATZ = 20 washes

72% of parents surveyed reported that with SPLATZ by the sink their kids’ hygiene routine improved. A percentage of every purchase helps fund kids’ mental wellness programs and initiatives.

Caution: For kids ages 3+. Parent supervision is advised. Splat one bursting soap bubble away from face and eyes. If soap gets into the eyes or mouth rinse with water, contact your doctor if irritation persists.

Color and shapes may vary slightly. 

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Norwalk, CT
Getting your kids to maintain a healthy, daily hygiene routine is never easy. But as parents, we know that proper, consistent hand washing for at least 20 seconds is critical. So we rethought the whole getting dirty/getting clean scenario from a kid’s point of view. Hi, I'm Alli DiVincenzo, a One Fun™ Company co-founder. Every day, I struggled to get our young son Will to wash his hands. He loved putting his hands in mud and slime, but washing up was a constant struggle. I knew I wasn't alone. Kids want to have fun, even doing mundane tasks like cleaning. Suddenly: #ahamoment! I couldn’t change my kid, but I could change his soap. And so, SPLATZ was born. This naturally fun hand soap starts with a surprising SPLAT! that makes washing up a treat instead of a task. A hat tip to my brother-in-law Terry McGowan who intro'd me to super Harvard/MIT scientists Jeff Karp and Yuhan Lee. With young kids of their own, they liked the idea, and together we began formulating what is now a patent pending formula in our kitchens. Though we started from a kid-centric point of view, we knew we wanted a product that worked as hard as it played. It also had to look good, smell good, and use clean, natural ingredients. Because we care about the environment (almost) as much as we care about our kids, it had to be biodegradable and packed in eco-friendly containers. All told, daunting order. But after many fails and quiet lulls, we had a shelf-stable prototype in January 2020 ready to beta test with kids and families. Skreeeeeech. Halt. Pandemic isolation conditions hit; classes canceled; social gatherings forbidden; don't even think about answering the doorbell, except for toilet paper and perhaps… some fun hand soap for kids? Locked-up, climbing the walls at home, and obsessed with a strange virus, the simple act of washing one’s hands took on new importance. SPLATZ™ delighted both kids and parents. Simply with a gentle squeeze and an awesome SPLAT!, each SPLATZ soap bubble turned this essential (but tedious) task into good clean fun. Kids used sample bottles enthusiastically. Parents gave us feedback. The one thing we knew was that kids wanted "more, more, more!" Over the next six months, the One Fun™ team began to grow; we set up shop outside of Boston, Massachusetts, and launched our website. Now it’s in your hands. We hope when you try SPLATZ™ it makes your kids giggle and your life as a parent easier. Please send us your feedback so we can keep getting better to Spread the word; we'd be honored with a tag or two on any social media channel @onefunco #splatzchallenge.
SPLATZ Minis - Case of 120 - Wholesale