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Stamped Letters Upcycled Leather Hair Clip - Gold / Copper / Silver / Blue

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Suffering from writer's block? Having a hard time getting the words to form? Or want to pay homage to the days when printing was done with metal type? These letters were hand-stamped into upcycled leather. Fun gift idea for writer friends, or anyone who just has a love or printed text. Metallic surface finish over hand-dyed black leather bring out the texture with a unique metallic appearance, but not heavy like metal. 

Sustainably handmade from recycled biodegradable remnant leather, plastic free with minimal packaging.

What size barrette should I get?

Large is a standard "large" barrette

  • The clip: 3" (80mm)
  • Leather upper design piece is 3.75" x .75" (100mm x 20mm)
  • Perfect for ponytails, and half up-dos for thicker hair.

Extra Large is great for long, thick and curly hair

  • The clip: 4" (100mm).
  • Leather upper design piece is 4.75" x .75" (120mm x 20mm)
  • Hard-to-find size, perfect for thick or curly hair, or for twisted updos for longer hair.

Small barrettes are great for fine hair and side wear

  • Clip size: approximately 2.25" / 60 mm
  • Leather piece is 2.75" / 70 mm x .6"/ 14 mm
  • French style spring tension clip, for strong hold with a variety of hair types

Gift Sets

  • Includes 1 barrette + coordinating leather bar earrings. packaged together on a single paper card
  • Size refers to barrette, as noted above.
  • Allergy-safe wire ear hook 
  • Available for most but not all designs. 

Functional beauty, quality craftsmanship

Or should we say, crafts-woman-ship? All barrettes are handmade, originally created for their designers' own long hair, with consideration not only for beauty, but also functionality, comfort and durability using eco-friendly materials and practices. The clips themselves are large, high quality, sturdy French-style metal barrette clips with tension bar. The leather is very securely attached to the clip with metal rivets that will be nearly impossible to remove.

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Platypus Max

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Lexington, MA
PlatypusMax is an online shop selling handcrafted barrettes, jewelry and gift sets that are inspired by nature, sustainably made, and minimally packaged. All pieces are designed and created by artist / maker Rachel Summers. My products are crafted in my studio in Lexington, Massachusetts, USA, shipped worldwide. A reverence for nature and eco-friendly practices are central to my philosophy. That is, to keep the carbon footprint of everything I create as low as possible, with minimal trash output, non-toxic materials and nature-focused designs. This means that my core materials are sourced as post and pre-consumer waste, and without the use of new plastic materials. Leather is one of my favorite materials, and I use it to make barrettes, earrings and other accessories. It is a wonderful natural, biodegradable material to work with as it holds impressions in a range of colors and textures. This allows me to create beautiful, functional pieces that capture natural impressions of various plants and other natural elements.
Stamped Letters Upcycled Leather Hair...