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StarPups Dog Bandana

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🍹 The PNT Pets Drink Bandana Collection Is Here!

🐶 We crafted the most stylish dog bandanas on the market!

Our Starpups banana is a parody on everyone's favorite coffee house.

👉 All of our 100% cotton bandanas are double-ply soft cotton.
👉 Our bandanas fit most dogs over 20 pounds and can be rolled at the top to adjust to fit the dog correctly.

🧐 Specs:

- 30" X 13"
- Washable
- Image on the front, white on the back
- Comes in square plastic packaging with a hole at the top to use for a hanging display.
- Packaging includes a sticker indicating size and design.
- Barcode sticker on the packaging.

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Minimum $48
Yorktown Heights, NY
It’s time for a long-overdue upgrade to dog waste bags… My name is Max Leahy, and I am the founder of PnT Pets Inc., and the inventor of Poop ’N Tie dog waste bags. It has been said that "necessity is the mother of all invention.” This necessity is what lead me to create Poop ’N Tie bags. I grew up in a suburb of New York City with two Old English Sheepdogs. Our house had a dog run out back, so I never had to think about picking up after them right away. In fact, it never crossed my mind. When I relocated to Los Angeles, I got my first “fur-child.” She is a beautiful Australian Shepherd with two bright blue eyes named Scout. I quickly learned the trials and tribulations of picking up and conscientiously throwing away the poop. I tried many different dog waste bags and found them to be sub-par in quality. The problem was as Scout grew larger, it became more difficult to tie the full poop bag as she pulled on her leash. I tried bags similar to plastic shopping bags with handle ties. They were much easier. However, none of these came in a roll format, let alone bags that would fit into a roll dispenser for a leash. I began my quest to find an adequate poop bag that met my needs. One day after taking out my kitchen trash, it struck me that a drawstring poop bag might be the solution. Sometimes, the answer is right in front of you. I experimented cutting a drawstring kitchen bag into smaller bags and afterwards using a food saver machine to seal the edges - and - Eureka! The Poop ’N Tie bag was born.