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Sweet Halva Sesame Butter

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Halva lovers rejoice! Conjure up fond memories of halva at the open air market, now in a convenient spreadable format.

We start with our delicious stone ground sesame butter, blend in premium organic vanilla, and sweeten with a dash of organic agave. Finally, we add whole toasted organic black and white sesame seeds for a nice crunch.

Tasty on toast, a delightful dip, or killer off the spoon! With only 3g of added sugar per serving, this is a Nutella alternative you can feel good about eating.

Ingredients: Stone Ground Sesame Butter*, Agave*, White and Black Sesame Seeds*, Olive Oil*, Vanilla Extract*, Sea Salt

* Denotes organic ingredient

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Minimum $75
Berkeley, CA
Hi, we’re Erika and Josh. We met through a mutual friend and bonded over a shared love of culinary tradition, great design and sesame seeds. We each love traveling and exploring different cultures, but like you, the pandemic put much of our travel plans on hold. We started to scratch our wanderlust itch through food, and set out to build a business that would make this more accessible for others. We also agreed that in North America, tahini is one of the most undiscovered and underappreciated food products. It is so versatile, nutritious, and tasty. So, we decided to do something about it with our first product. Erika, a professional food scientist for over 20 years, and near life-long vegetarian, grew up eating halva as a special treat. Her children have also nicknamed her a “Tahini Addict”, laughing about how she loves to put it on everything from spaghetti to cereal. Josh’s great grandparents owned an old school candy shop, the kind with the fancy milkshake machine behind the counter. His grandfather owned a bakery, and his father worked in food product development for 30 years. Josh believes that creating delicious food is in his DNA. Thanks for supporting our journey and helping to make TIGRIS come alive!