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Teen Intention Set. Deck of intention cards and wood base.

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The Intention Set includes 20 intention cards, a direction card and wood base.

This one is for the teens and tweens in our lives. Inspired by my popular wood intention set stands I decided to create a more affordable print version with the same impact. The kids intentions are inspired by past orders from middle and high school teachers. I gathered the most popular ones and created this collection.

The process of intention-setting is an opportunity to have a daily check-in. If we don't do this then how do we know what we need and how to best take care of ourselves? This is especially important for kids 11-16 that are so wrapped up with their online lives and personas. It's easy to get lost in the need for online validation. Intentions help us live a life aligned with our values, they anchor us.

Card measurements: 3.5" x 3.5"

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