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Temporary Tattoo Display Stand

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Freestanding wooden display board. Custom cut for NatureTats temporary tattoos. Eight different ways to arrange long and small collections. Possible combinations: 6 stacks of long designs, or 4 longs and 3 smalls, or 2 longs and 6 smalls, or 9 smalls. Stock up to 15 per hook, at least 10 per hook is recommended to appear fully stocked!

Included: display board, 2 feet, 4 holes for mount option (wall screws not included), nine metal hooks.

Dimentions: Height: 22.75", Width: 13.75", Depth: 7.75" (with feet)

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Minimum $75
Round Rock, TX
NatureTats temporary tattoos are wearable art inspired by nature! All hand-drawn, original designs by Austin, Texas artist, Allison Wilcoxen. The tats have a tattoo-realistic dark, earthy style. They LAST 2-5 DAYS, they're WATER- RESISTANT, and SKIN-SAFE! ---- We see a lot of self empowerment and play when people wear our temporary tattoos. Choosing a design that represents a memory or loved one can make it a personal and sentimental experience, while sharing a matching tat with a friend and attending a music festival creates it's own memories entirely! ---- Our focus right now is to continue to add to our design selection, learn how we can make a positive impact on our community, and give back to nature.
Temporary Tattoo Display Stand