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This 34oz nectarous Honeysuckle & Orange Blossom candle is filled with Honey Calcite, Tiger’s Eye & Clear Quartz Crystals.  A powerful protective & empowering creation offering clarity & good luck as you regain your own personal power.  

This candle also has a beautiful and environmentally friendly story. You see this vessel was once home to a beautiful plant that brought great joy and life to the home space. In order give back to Mother Earth, we have repurposed the vessel to this powerful candle and once the candle has completed its life cycle, we encourage you to keep the spirit of the vessel ALIVE and turn this back into a lovely plant… And we’ve made it easy for you!!! Each candle will have Lavender seeds included so that you can happily plant away and watch these seeds grow to a beautiful and calming plant.

As always… our candles are filled with Organic Soy Wax, good vibes, positive energy and SO MUCH LOVE. We are also completely free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates & preservatives, we’re vegan & cruelty FREE!

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Minimum $300
West Hollywood, CA
UNDERCOVER is a self-care brand designed to create a conscious conversation thru nature inspired products. My name is Bradley, I am the creator of our delicious products. I had this vision of creating a product line and I literally dreamed my way to where I am today. Thru the power of intention, focus, and trust in the Universe… my dreams came true. I make most of my products by hand which is a beautiful meditative practice for me. Ensuring I am in a space of alignment with my best self, cleansing the space, infusing the products with good vibes and speaking love into each of them... I know that this physical creation will go into someone's space and light up their life! We make crystal intention candles, bath soaks, crystal infused fragrances, aura cleansing sprays, and I also have an all natural pomegranate oil & superfood balm. Our products are all clean, nature inspired and created with mostly organic ingredients. We are fun, full of life, beautiful, and show up with the intention to touch the world!