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small, but mighty! this is the perfect card to welcome a tiny baby into the world. it can also help lift someone up when they're going through a tough time. do you have a friend out there who loves little birds? you don't even need an occasion to send this lil number to them. does your mama have a beautiful voice? let her know! share the love whenever you possibly can. these two love birds will help you!

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Minimum $100
San Francisco, CA
MADE FROM SONGS AND STAMPS << I hope to inspire people to navigate the world with more kindness and show more love to the people in their lives. My wish is that the cards and art in my shop encourage people to celebrate life moments both big and small. I also hope you seek out the rad tunes these lil ditties are inspired by. >> HI! I’M NIKI BAKER. I’m the artist and music lover behind the creations at Foreignspell. I started Foreignspell in 2006 because I wanted to express my appreciation of music in a visual way. This shop is a dream project that’s been years in the making. I’m so excited that you’re here! MY VALUES I am committed to running my shop in a way that's compatible with a healthy and thriving planet. I only work with artisans and suppliers who are also committed to following sustainable and ethical business practices. I believe it’s important to give back. I donate a percentage of every sale to a nonprofit organization that is working to bring more kindness into our world. MY STORY When I started Foreignspell as an art student, I was interested in figuring out how I could express the experience of listening to music in a visual medium. Listening to music has always been such a visceral, colorful experience for me and I really wanted to get what was going on in my head on paper somehow.
The Littlest Birds Sing Greeting Card...