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The Original Tarot (Premium Edition)

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    The Premium Original Tarot is a digitally remastered set of cards featuring the Tarot artwork of Pamela Coleman Smith under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite. Printed on the finest card stock, the images are beautifully enhanced and the colors are vibrant. The cards for this premium deck have gilded edges, gold foil stamping on the front and back, and extra high-quality printing. They come in a durable, fold-over box that is a perfect keepsake.

    A.E. Waite wrote the original guidebook, which has been updated and improved, just like the cards. Get a great historical deck modified and enhanced for a collector audience; the perfect edition for tarot reading and your tarot deck collection.

    The Deck in History

    Although Tarot reading has been around since the Renaissance, the historical deck that most Tarot readers get as their set of cards is the one designed and artistically rendered by Pamela Colman Smith in the early 20th century in England (between 1905 and 1910), under the instruction of Arthur Edward Waite. Smith was a renowned artist who worked with such famous authors as William Butler Yeats and Bram Stoker.

    Prior to Smith’s re-imagination of Tarot cards, the images were quite simple and did not have the detailed, colorful illustrations that she originated. Inspired by the world around her, Smith added human images to the Minor Arcana suits and bright colors to all the cards.


    Our Original Tarot deck features the original artwork by Pamela Colman Smith but with vastly improved colors and high-quality linen card stock. Printed on 350gsm paper, this deck is highly durable and made to last. Using the latest technology, the cards have high color saturation, with crisp vectorized images.

    • There is no branding in the corner, making it professionally and aesthetically pleasing.
    • This edition has brilliant gold foil to make the cards a true collector’s item.
    • The crisp images show even the smallest of details.
    • Our deck comes with a booklet filled with color images that will help beginners learn all about Tarot reading.

    We enhanced the integrity of her artwork by modernizing the colors and improving the sharpness of the original images.

    Email help@sirenimports.com for a free sample.

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    Established in 2014, we are a new Tarot publisher based in North Carolina, USA. Our collection is quite modest but we are constantly adding new decks. We design our decks in house and print them in China. Our vision is to bring new art to the Tarot industry. We find talented artists, ask them to create new illustrations for the decks, and then we print these decks using the latest technologies, such as foil stamping and UV coating. As a result, we are creating Tarot decks that have never been done before, giving customers high quality at a low cost. For the classic decks, we maintain the original artwork that is familiar to the Tarot industry but we improve upon it by enhancing the colors and graphics. Because today’s printing technology is far more superior than before, we can create a beautiful aesthetic that is more modern and pleasing to the eye.
    The Original Tarot (Premium Edition)