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THE SHIRE Book Lovers Candle

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THE SHIRE Soy Wax Candle
Sage + Tobacco
Middle Earth

The Shire is a region of Middle-earth described in The Lord of the Rings and other works. The Shire is an inland area settled exclusively by hobbits, the Shire-folk, largely sheltered from the goings-on in the rest of Middle-earth

The Lord of the Rings is an epic high-fantasy novel by English author and scholar J. R. R. Tolkien, 1954

100% soy wax candle
9oz amber glass jar
50-60hr burn time

Note Profile:
Top: Red Currant, Lemon Zest, Grapefruit
Middle: Rose, Geranium
Base: Crystal Musk, Balsam, Rhubarb

100% soy wax candle
9oz amber glass jar
50-60hr burn time

Note Profile:
Top: Sage, Orange, Grapefruit
Middle: Smoke, Lavender, Herbs
Base: Cedar, Amber, Tonka

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Kinfolk of Mine, is a family business! We are thankful for our richly filled lives of stories, laughter, and faith.

Our candles are made with 100% soy wax, which means they are natural, clean, burn longer, and are more fragrant.

The advantages of Soy Candles are clear - no black soot, a longer burn, and a natural product produced by American farmers.

Eco-friendly, renewable, American grown, sustainable, carbon neutral!

Lead Free cotton wicks
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* Maintain your wick – Your wick should be only 1/4" long every time you light your candle

**Create a large melt pool – Soy wax is considered "memory wax" and will only burn enough around as per the first time you light your candle. So, make sure the first time you light your candle you don't blow it out until there is a significant melting pool diameter. If you do not, your melt pool will never go past the diameter of the first burn and can cause your candle wick to "drown" and no longer light. To accomplish this, we recommend burning your candle for a minimum of one hour during it's initial lighting.

***Be cautious – Never burn your candle in an unattended area. Keep away from items that can catch fire. Do not burn for more than four hours at a time. Candle jar WILL get hot, be careful when touching. Keep away from children and animals.

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Minimum $200
Jasper, GA
We don't always know were we are going but we can't wait to get there. Our families filled our lives with strong work ethic, good old home cookin, and faith. Kinfolk of Mine is a small batch candle company. Each candle is hand poured using 100% U.S. grown soy wax, cotton-core wicks, fine fragrance oils, and apothecary inspired packaging. We here at Kinfolk of Mine not only strive to give you a great product, but tell a story with our candles. With the lighting of each candle may they invoke old and new memories. We invite you to jump in and hang on! It is going to be a wild ride! C h e e r s A n g e l a, Monica, & Maddie Mascots: M i l l i e, S k i p & C o o k i e