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Never lose a great idea again.

The THINKERS Notebook makes it easy to capture notes on paper so you can organize and share them from your iPhone.

    A Uniquely Designed Notebook
      • Use any type of pen/pencil including fountain pens and highlighters.
        • Premium material including soft-touch leather cover and 120 gsm paper.
          • 256 individually numbered pages providing ample pages to write on.
            • 5mm dot-grid design that blends perfectly on the page.
              • Lay-flat binding that keeps your pages flat.
                • Unique design & optimized for use with the free companion iPhone App.
                  An Intelligent iPhone App
                    • Advanced handwriting recognition including cursive.
                      • Automatically converts titles & hashtags on the page into note titles and tags in the App.
                        • Integrated Cloud Storage to automatically backup your notes.
                          • Optimized for your THINKERS Notebook for fast scanning, organizing, and sharing

                            Every element of this notebook and app is carefully considered and crafted. And now it's ready to help you become the best thinker and creator that you can be.

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                            Designed for thinkers from the boardroom to the classroom, the THINKERS Notebook combines a uniquely designed, 256-page, 5mm dot grid, lay flat journal with an intuitive iPhone app for quickly capturing, organizing, and collaborating on pages from the notebook. The THINKERS Notebook is the perfect product for business professionals and students that want to unlock their creative ideas - from paper to the cloud. And best of all, it is unique - unlike any smart notebook product available on the market today. If you are looking for a product that stands out from other notebooks, then the THINKERS Notebook is for you. For wholesalers, we offer a low MOQ, fast delivery in the U.S.A., and a generous return policy. We value our partnerships with wholesalers and will work hard toward your success in selling the THINKERS Notebook. OUR STORY We believe that the best ideas start with pen and paper and become transformed when they are shared with others. However, traditional notebooks and apps are not optimized for the way we capture and collaborate on ideas in the modern world. So our founders - Sean Jackson, Jerod Morris, and Daniel Reiling - set out to create a better solution. A solution that combines a premium notebook with an intuitive app; perfectly optimized to work seamlessly together. The world needs better thinkers and we want to do our part by helping to create better, bolder thinkers … one thinker at a time. COMPANY BACKGROUND The THINKERS Notebook is offered by THINKERS Manifesto LLC, based in Dallas, Texas. All products are shipped from our Dallas warehouse and imported from Germany.