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One rainy afternoon, I had the pleasure of meeting a box turtle. The feeling of joy and surprise in finding the turtle stayed with me as I walked back to my shop.

I sat down at my desk and started cutting paper. Eventually, I crafted the form of the turtle. Then I used my traditional printing processes to hand carve and print an image. When I cut and assembled it- out came a little friend! I felt like I’d brought a small part of the woods into my home.

Since then, I’ve made a collection of reptiles, amphibians, and insects- including this toad. 

This Toad Paper Sculpture is pre-cut, with adhesive and instruction, so you can assemble it whether you’re 6 or 106! As this flat pieces of paper transform into your new creature, I hope you find the same joy and excitement I find in the woods.


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Minimum $100
Lancaster, OH
Artist and printer Sarah Brown uses letterpress printing equipment to dig deep into the natural world. Each image is hand carved and paired with vintage hand-set type. Then they're printed, one color at a time, in letterpress machines. Using these methods, Sarah crafts a full line of paper goods.