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  • We all LOVE to travel and visit friends and family during the holidays, or simply go on a weekend getaway to forget about our day to day lives for a bit. No matter what the occasion is, a proper cushion to lay your head on during a long flight, or even after a long flight in your hotel can be a life saver.
  • We came up with this model of our buckwheat pillow because many of our customers already take their japanese size cushions with them on trips, but that size is sometimes not always suitable, specially not when you have limited space like on an airplane or train.
  • Voted best Travel Pillow for Neck Pain by the Sleep Foundation. Say goodbye to jetlags and sleepless nights.

  • Perfect for your Adventures but also a nice pick for your kids Bedroom! 

  • Unfortunately most travel size pillows are either cheaply made, look just fancy or high tech, but end up to work poorly, or are completely overpriced for what you need. Choices range from Neck Pillows, U-Shaped pillows, to weirdly constructed Ostrich pillows. This can be very confusing for you if you are actually looking for a travel size pillow that works.
  • Ergonomic shapes and exotic names for a pillow, don't do much, if you sink into the memory foam, latex, fiber fill or whatever other synthetic material is used these days, the moment you your head touches the surface of your travel size pillow. That's the main problem with most airplane-travel pillows but also many camping pillows on the market.
  • Why would you need a different type of pillow when sleeping on an airplane, train, or car etc. than what you have at home? It makes no sense to us. Our travel size pillow is exactly like our other premium models, with the only difference being it's size.
    • Experience REAL Support for your neck during travels and while on the road. A travel size pillow should be one thing and one thing only, which is supportive and moldable at the same time. This way the pillow will work it's magic and help you arrive at your destination well rested and ready to tackle the day.
    • Our Buckwheat Hulls Filling provides both. And it can be super easy adjusted. Removing or adding hulls to create the perfect shape for you head and neck, is easy and takes less than a minute.
    • It's Travel Size 10" x 14" allows this travel neck pillow to be taken literally anywhere. It fits into your backpack, carry on luggage and even larger sized handbags.
    • Comes with our removable and washable super soft and smooth Matrix Design Bamboo Pillowcase. Super breathable and hygienic but yet durable enough for every day use if need be. Your head stays cool and you stay asleep.
    • There's no need to buy extra pillowcases. Our pillow is ready to go! Unpack it! Use it!
    • Filled with 100% Organic Buckwheat Hulls and it's also fully adjustable. Durable zippers on the inner pillowcase/shell and the outer matrix designer bamboo pillowcase allow you to easily remove or add buckwheat filling as needed to achieve the perfect comfort level for your travels.
    • Good for all sleeping positions and specially for people with posture, neck or spinal issues. This cushion may seem small but it's large enough to be used as a regular sleeping pillow if you don't move around too often. Naps also become a a joy when your head and cervical vertebrae is supported by a cool and firm pillow that doesn't let you sink in. 
    • Our pillow's small size makes it also an excellent option for younger kids who don't need a full size cushion yet. 
    • It's also loved as lumbar and lower back support (use it in your car, trains, air planes or your couch). Our travel size does it all.
    • Handcrafted with ❤ in Phoenix, AZ like all our buckwheat hull filled pillows.

    We only use the Best Quality Buckwheat Hulls. All our natural buckwheat and millet hulls are triple screened and heat treated. Guaranteed Odor and Pesticide free and grown in the USA.


    Different Types of Travel Pillows


    Sleeping on a plane can feel impossible! The seats are stiff, and very few offer a decent recline. To make matters worse, a lack of legroom, fluctuating temperatures, and cabin noises can make you feel miserable during your flight.


    Long-haul flights can be brutal for sleep, leaving you tired and agitated by the time you deplane. Depending on your flight time and destination, sleeping on the plane can reduce your jet lag. By getting in at least a few hours of sleep, you can push through the next day and get your sleep schedule on track. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. 


    We wrote an article on how to Sleep Better on An Airplane here and touched on the importance of the compact portable pillow. When you board a plane, you aren’t able to bring your buckwheat pillow with you (unfortunately!), so instead, you need to find a smaller, more portable alternative. Travel pillows can make travel a lot more comfortable and help you fall asleep, even in less than ideal locations.  


    Travel pillows support your head and neck, making you more comfortable and reducing aches and pains. There are plenty of different types available, with different price points, portability, and suitability. For example, some travel neck pillows are great for long car rides or the train but not suitable for air travel. Alternatively, some are better for air travel and not-so-great for a long bus ride.


    When picking a portable pillow, consider your pain points and where you will be using it. We’ve compiled a list of the different types of travel pillows as well as their pros and cons to help you pick one that is just right for you!


    1. U-Shaped Neck Pillow


    These pillows are commonly seen in airport shops and luggage stores. They feature an ergonomic shape that is perfect for trying to sleep while sitting upright. These pillows aren’t all created equal, though. They may be filled with synthetic fibers, microbeads, down, memory foam, or air. In order to support your head and neck, the filling should be firm enough to do so.  

    These pillows can also vary in lining but are typically covered in a soft fabric.


    The price can vary and is usually dependent on the quality of the materials it is made out of. For example, a cheaper U-shaped neck pillow often won’t be as supportive and durable as one that costs a little more. In sum, the pros include the price point and the support they provide when lying back in your seat. The con, however, is their lack of versatility. If you like to curl up next to the window or are fortunate enough to have empty seats beside you, using the U-shaped pillow won’t be as comfortable as other pillows.


    2. Mini Pillows


    What the U-shaped pillow lacks in versatility, the mini pillow makes up for it. These travel size pillows are like the pillows you use at home but in a smaller, more portable size. Mini pillows can be used for all forms of travel, so whether you are driving across the country or flying to Europe, you can sleep well and feel comfortable. Additionally, while you are staying in a hotel, you can use your travel sized pillow. 


    Like U-shaped travel pillows, not all pillows are equal. The material in your travel size pillow will make a BIG difference! For example, our buckwheat hulls filled travel pillow provides real support while traveling. It is both adjustable and supportive, making your trip comfortable and pain-free. It is also well-made and well-constructed, unlike cheaper travel pillows, so it will last a long time. The Sleep Foundation even voted it the best small pillow for neck pain! The cover is made from breathable bamboo-derived rayon cover as well, making it great for hot sleepers! If you often have neck, shoulder, or head pain when you wake up, using this pillow at your hotel can help you feel your best while on vacation!


    3. Cube Pillows


    Cube pillows are just how they sound. These pillows are shaped like a small box and are designed for those who sleep on their side. These pillows are made of memory foam and will compress to fit the curvature of your neck when you lie on them. This pillow is an excellent option if you have the privilege of getting a lay-flat seat on a train or flight because you can lay on your side. However, when you are seated upright, you won’t be able to place the necessary pressure on the pillow to flatten it as intended, and therefore it can distort your head more than support it.


    4. Large Inflatable Neck Pillows


    A number of brands have come out with new travel pillows in an effort to make air travel more comfortable. Unfortunately, these travel pillows aren’t suitable for air travel, even with the best intentions. A great example is the Skyrest inflatable pillow. The design is excellent and allows a person to lean forward and be supported in a forward position rather than laying back. It’s often described as an ottoman for your lap and costs about $30. Although the idea is great, safety regulators feel it is too big for air travel and believe that it is a hazard as it can block other passengers' access to the aisle or emergency exits. As a result, this pillow has been banned by most safety organizations, including TSA. However, if you aren’t traveling by plane, this can be a great option that can be used on the bus or in your car.


    If you like the idea of an inflatable pillow that you can deflate after you arrive, look for smaller alternatives like an inflatable U-shaped or mini pillow.


    5. J-Shaped Travel Pillow


    J-shaped travel pillows are similar to the U-shaped pillows but have an additional extension that is used to support your chin. These pillows were designed by a flight attendant who had first-hand experience sleeping on an aircraft, and in 2013, the design won British Invention of the year. 


    If you don’t like a U-shaped travel cushion, you may not like this one either. That said, your head will feel more supported with the additional piece.  These pillows are also very affordable and easy to clean – just throw them in the wash when you get home!


    6. Trtl Pillow


    This is another unique design that has a small supportive brace lined in fleece and soft cushioning. The internal support system rests on your shoulder and up your neck, and the side of your face. It can be worn on either the left or right side depending on your preference and is easy to use. If you have a window seat, you also have the option of not fastening it around your neck and instead placing it against the wall or window. This pillow takes up the same about of space as any other pillow and is also machine washable.  


    7. Travel Pillows with Extra Features


    If you are looking for a unique travel size pillow, look for one with extra features. For example, some travel pillows are equipped with wireless headphones. This means you can sleep while listening to relaxing tunes and don’t have to fuss with uncomfortable earbuds or over-the-ear headphones. Although this can be a comfortable solution when you are traveling solo, you will need to think of anyone you are traveling with. The music isn’t isolated to your ears, and others may find it a nuisance to hear your music.   


    Another option is a travel size pillow with heat. These pillows will heat up, providing soothing warmth to your neck and shoulders. Some of these are wireless and have a battery or USB feature, whereas others must be plugged in. Many of these wireless heated travel pillows are also banned from flights, so instead, use on long car rides, trains, or the bus. There are also some that have a massage feature! These are better suited for use at work or while at home. However, due to the mechanisms inside, they take up more space in your luggage and typically require an outlet. Further, just like heated neck pillows, they aren’t permitted in flight. 


    An easy, airline-friendly extra is adding lavender buds to your buckwheat hulls travel pillow. Airplanes are not known to smell nice, especially if you are seated close to a lavatory. In addition, there are way too many scents in a small cabin, which can be distracting and unpleasant. 

    You aren’t allowed to use room deodorizers or spray a fragrance in the cabin, but you can make your pillow smell good! By adding lavender buds, you will enjoy the soothing scent of lavender that will help ease you into sleep.


    Traveling can be painful – both literally and figuratively – but it doesn’t have to be! With the right travel sized companion to lay your head on, you can relax, sleep and get comfortable. When picking your travel size pillow, don’t get caught up in gimmicks and new designs, as many of these are not even officially permitted during flights and on airplanes. Instead, look for a quality product that will give your head and neck the support you need.

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