Turmeric Elderberry Honey Sticks for Tea Turmeric Honey w/ Black Pepper Alternative to Honey Spoons Super Honey Straws

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  • ✅ ORGANIC RAW HONEY: Our Ayurveda-inspired Super Honey straws contain raw turmeric and all raw ingredients. The ideal honey sticks for tea. Each stick contains approx 5g of honey.
  • ✅ NATURAL HONEY STICKS: Mix in coffee and tea. Add to the blender for smoothies, and protein shakes.
  • ✅ TURMERIC CURCUMIN: Curcumin and pepper with honey is powerful antioxidant, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory. Good for immune support, and heart health.
  • ✅ SUPERFOOD: Paleo and gluten-free makes great Golden milk.
  • ✅ PURE HONEY: Raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurized. No chemicals, artificial ingredients, coloring, and sugar.
  • ✅ AVAILABLE OPTIONS: Turmeric Original, Turmeric Ginger, Turmeric Ceylon Cinnamon & Cloves, Turmeric Elderberry


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Turmeric Zone (Diverse Company)

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Morrisville, NC
We are a diverse company on a mission to help consumers think outside the box (of turmeric supplements!). Curious about how we do it? We provide Natural, Ayurvedic & Organic turmeric products mixed with functional ingredients. We also work with you to provide private label products and packaging for your need. We are open to exploring custom formulated products. Please contact us and let's discuss on the yellow healthy table :) Provide your customers what they are looking for when it comes to Turmeric products and options. We are a minority-owned startup based out of Morrisville, NC, and a Proud member of Got to be NC as well as North Carolina Specialty Food Association. Our Turmeric Honeys are some of the top-performing honey in Amazon by winning Amazon's Choice badge on several of our Honey.