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Ultimate Bar Soap

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Reset with the only bar you will ever need! Melt away the day, makeup, and environmental pollutants all while leaving skin hydrated and kissably soft.

Recommended for: SensitiveBaby, Young Adult, Adult

Natural coconut and botanical aroma: Organic essential oils blend together for a spa-like scent that will leaving you feeling refreshed.

How to Use: Close eyes and lather onto damp skin, creating a rich handful of bubbles.

-Rinse thoroughly with warm water or wipe with a damp washcloth.
-Gently pat skin dry.
-Use daily, or as needed, to cleanse and hydrate.


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Wash with Water

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Isle of Palms, SC
At Wash with Water, we create BETTER products for a BETTER tomorrow one bath at a time. We are committed and responsible for the complete life cycle of our products from cultivation, harvest, extraction, production, testing, packaging to fulfillment. We maintain a mindful footprint through open communication with our washie community so each of our bath time products contributes to the health & happiness of your family & the planet. From the thoughtful development of our plant-based products to our eco-conscious packaging, each child has always been and will remain at the center of our company’s choices. Together, we’ll protect our earth’s limited resources so our children can love, create, and live as they dream. Together we are limitless. Because we believe bath time is not just another task to check off — it’s family time in your hands.