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Vintage Camper Bird House Scale model playset you can build and use! Bring back the love of travel!

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Spring and Summer bring the spirit of nesting for both us, and our feathered friends. This retro design was so fun to build! I took ideas from old photographs from a trailer I once had (a 1974 Scotty). The construction of the birdhouse is fairly simpe, but the details leave endless possibilities with making this kit personal to you. The finished camper should actually be a great home for a small bird family to start. The little windows are the right size to peak in, but still give the new hatch-lings security. There's nothing wrong with just sitting this kit up on your favorite shelf to show off your handy work, too! If you're seriously into miniatures.. this kit is about a 1:20 scale.

As with all our designs, this one comes flat-packed. You'll just pop out the pieces and snap them together. No glue is required, but feel free to secure pieces permanently if you like. The kits are natural, light wood. You're welcome to paint and customize the designs in a way that makes it personal to you!

These kits do make great gift ideas for anyone who appreciates the retro design. All 5 punch cards come shrink wrapped with a simple set of instructions. The kit includes over 40 parts to build the miniature camper with awnings on 3 sides, plus flowers for the 2 window boxes, curtains, a spare tire, leveling jack, a Welcome mat, 2 flamingos, even a classic Weber style grill we all had as a kid. Most of the details are individual pieces to make painting a breeze. The kit also looks great left natural, but a quick spray clear-coat will ensure a longer life out in the elements!

The main photo is the "Natural (Unfinished) kit" that we spray painted individual parts in vibrant colors. Other options are pre-stained in a variety of vintage hues! Let us know which one you like best with the drop-down menu at the time you make an order.

The finished size is roughly: 9 inches long, 6 inches wide (with awnings), and almost 5 inches tall.

Ideal for ages 8 and up. Tiny parts would not be appropriate for small children.

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Is it really One Man in One Garage? We know you're asking it.. and truth is, we did start out that way for a short time. That fuzzy memory a few years back is all blur when we think about how fast it all flew by. Before we knew it.. a year or 2 had gone by. One Man isn't even enough.. One dog, One Mom, One helper from time to time. They all come together, standing behind a fun, exciting, creative place to build an amazing career from an idea in a garage. They just don't all fit on the sign! For years, these ideas have been rolling around in my head. I knew there were tools out there to help make these sketches come into reality.. just that they were out of reach. Near the end of 2013, it was time to pull the trigger and land the tools I needed to make it all happen. The garage will never be the same.. no room for a car or jeep anymore! Fast forward to 2017.. after 3 years of jumping hurdles and pushing towards my passion, life is pretty good! You can barely walk around in the garage with all the fun toys and machines it takes to bring ideas to life. The new chapter has gone from lots of trial and error.. lots of sleepless nights in the studio (fancy name for garage), and making it through our 4th holiday season with only a few battle scars.. into the most fun we've had in years. The Spring thaw opens up with a fully packed schedule of local popup sales.. (oh yea, the mobile store keeps us busy too). We get to see and learn from our customers in person. We get instant feedback with what ideas connect with them and how to improve on what works, also. The new chapter is proving to be successful when you factor in the emotional fulfillment along with the investment paying off. Turns out the "One man" in the company ends up being a very busy guy, and not nearly enough! Just designing new things is a blast.. but learning to balance all the other hats one must wear to make a company work is pretty overwhelming. Marketing, building, filling orders, sourcing materials, equipment maintenance, IT, etc.. Tough to know what anyone's title is some days! I've often wondered, why did we wait so many years to start? We encourage everyone with an idea or the will to become a Maker.. Go for it! We still build everything within the backyard in the garage (feet from the kitchen and fridge.) ..and Yes! It's all worth it. :)
Vintage Camper Bird House Scale model...