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patchouli | cypress | bergamot

The Waning Moon phase occurs during the last half of the lunar cycle. During the waning phase, the full moon's appearance diminishes and eventually the moon fades into a tiny sliver. This is a time for release, for rest and for nurturing yourself. You've worked hard throughout the lunar cycle and now is the time to receive the things you've worked towards. This is also a time to let go of anything that no longer serve you. Take some time to identify anything that may be standing in the way of your desires - it could be your own thoughts or limiting beliefs. For this phase, we've created a grounding mix of warm woods and soft, earthy notes to wrap around you like a comforting embrace.

TRANSCEND // Release negativity and receive abundance.

This earthy and comforting scent is the perfect gift for:

  • Your friend who is going through a divorce or was recently laid off
  • Someone experiencing grief
  • Anyone who needs to forgive themselves or someone else
  • Someone in need of a detox
  • Anyone who needs to hear that better times are coming

Approximate burn time: 50 hours

Actual wax weight: 9 oz | 250 grams 

Hand-poured 100% soy wax

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Moonlight at your fingertips ✨ Ancient rituals, modern mystics, and of course, moonlight, provide the inspiration for Deuxmoons' distinctive home and body fragrances. Our mission is to bring more peace, beauty, and intention to the everyday. The six candles in our flagship line - New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon, as well as Eclipse and Supermoon - will instantly inspire and elevate your space. The uplifting, luxurious fragrances are crafted to assist you in whatever phase or stage you may be in. Need a fresh start? An energy boost? Time to relax and let go? Deuxmoons candles can help get you into the perfect state of mind and vibration. To instantly transform your space into a divine sanctuary, just add moonlight. * 100% hand-poured soy-coconut wax blend * 50 hours approximate burn time * Intense fragrance throw from premium perfume oils * Hand-poured in small batches Candles may also be selected by moon phase as part of a ritual or spiritual practice, to mark a significant date (consult our lunar calendar at deuxmoons.com), or choose one just because you love the fragrance and/or associated meaning.