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The White Denim Pants are a unique pair, featuring our hand-painted "Moral Messages" that form a sort of abstract story when you read them. It gives the wearer and viewer a message to think deeper about in an uplifting manner. The pants have an asymmetric hem that can be cuffed up or down, two different shades of bull denim, two front pockets, belt loops, and a zipper closure. 

SIZE M (US 4-8) Can be worn at the hip or at the waist for differing styles. 

First model is a size 28" Waist, 41" Hips and is 5'7" tall. 

Second model is a size 27" Waist, and is 5'9" tall. 

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Formula S7

Minimum $50
Pittsburgh, PA
Established in 2020, Formula S7 is a slow fashion label that is difficult to ignore. Offering both Men's and Women's designs with a BIG personality that are hand-made in the US and outsourced ethically. Formula S7 gives you comfortable street-wear that is directly inspired from it's Ready-to-Wear collections. From the unique, hand-made, luxury pieces to the street, YOU choose your style when you have something important to say. So, SAY IT, with our #MoralMessages! OUR EVERYDAY MISSION TO SEND A POSITIVE MESSAGE // The signature hand-painted, printed and embroidered moral messages can be seen featured as statement graphics and hidden in the linings of jackets and pockets meant to create an uplifting, humorous mood while trying to understand how the outside reality world vs. the inside imaginative mind connects. Heavily influenced by the 90's with a sense of nostalgia, the digital age, and glamour with a re-imagining of what modern sport means, FS7 is a beautiful chaotic contradiction. From soft vs. hard fabrics to creating a protected outer shell and exposed inner self, to creating interactive designs for an element of play, FS7 focuses on details with a strategic placement of design lines. // With a love of nature, designs are organic and, yet mathematical and fabric is natural and luxurious, from leather, cotton, and silk, to velvet, sequins, and faux fur/feathers. OUR EVERYDAY MISSION TO ACT SUSTAINABLY // We create unique garments with the four circular design strategies in mind. (and we are getting better at it, as we grow!) Those are: Designing for low-impact materials and processes Picking all-natural organic cotton Using Recycled poly rPET Designing for longevity Choosing fabrics and materials and hand-making designs producing high quality products Designing for recyclability Picking all-natural organic cotton Designing for low waste! Breathing life into unwanted clothes by up-cycling fabric into a new unique design Utilizing scraps to create one-of-a-kind designs // In our Series Limited Collection we have One-of-a-Kind designs made from leftover scrap materials, and up-cycled parts from vintage pieces and other products that would have otherwise been discarded or piled up and forgotten. // With our Made-to-Order Collection, each piece is made once the order is placed, so we can avoid over-consumption, while paying attention to detail during the production process. We now have the resources to choose sustainable materials for our t-shirts, such as 100% organic cotton and a recycled poly rPET fabric. Recycled poly rPET saves at least 4 plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill, or worse. All-natural organic cotton is grown and harvested without any fertilizers and pesticides. The high-quality ringspun cotton yarns make sure that the fabric is extra soft and durable. If you’re looking to invest in ethical clothing that is sure to last and has a low environmental impact, look no further than our sustainable t-shirts! Let's join together in creating a positive impact to our world and environment when you start building your sustainable wardrobe!