IT saves the business from inefficency with Handshake

My goal is to make sure our account executives can do their jobs, and do their jobs efficiently.

Tina Scott

IT Manager, Silhouette International

Blaze a new path of innovation for reps and customers

    Deliver modern B2B commerce with your existing team and infrastucture.

  • Provide an intuitive ordering experience that eliminates help desk calls
  • Solve mobile and web ordering with a single platform
  • Choose a reliable and scalable platform that handles thousands of orders per day
  • Authorize user access to data with role-based controls
  • Offload maintenance, security, and innovation on to Handshake

Handshake Whitepaper

Expand the Strategic Role of IT with Sales Order Management & B2B eCommerce

Learn how IT drives business value and increases its strategic importance to the organization by implementing a B2B Commerce platform.

Integrate seamlessly with your core systems

    Ensure the consistency and accuracy of your data across systems.

  • Develop a custom integration quickly using our flexible, open REST API
  • Leverage our pre-built integrations for popular ERPs
  • Schedule imports and exports of customizable CSV files
  • Access the integration expertise of Handshake Implementation Services
  • Control everything through a single easy-to-use web administration portal

Customer Success Story

From Custom Software to an Off-the-shelf Solution

"We’ve been using Handshake now for half a year, and we’ve seen more changes and improvements in the past few months than we saw in the eight years with our own custom solution."

Franklin van Tuijl, Director of Customer Service and IT, Bronx Shoes

From POC to sales reps writing orders in weeks

    Realize rapid time to value with the support of Handshake.

  • Rapid sandbox development with straightforward documentation
  • Prototype quickly by uploading price lists, customers, and products
  • Work with our experts to easily customize settings for your business
  • Get reps and admins up and running with personalized training

Customer Success Story

Driving Success with Handshake's 4-Step Onboarding

"It was amazing how quickly reps adopted Handshake and started using it. It was within a week of training. Typically, when you’re looking at a project like this, it can take months and months. But Handshake made it quick and easy."

Lindsay Jesseau, Director of Customer Experience, Vega

Move IT to the core of Your company’s growth strategy

    Partner with key stakeholders to drive the business.

  • Increase customer loyalty and help meet your company’s revenue goal
  • Help sales improve effectiveness with a solution they’ll actually use
  • Enhance service through the convenience of 24/7 online ordering
  • Eliminate manual efforts by operations and fulfill orders faster
  • Boost the in-person and online promotion of your brand to buyers