Sell more effectively

With Handshake, I'm faster. I don't have to sit there pulling up pricing, and it makes me look smarter. At the end of the day, the time saved allows me to see more customers each day and grow those relationships.

Nick French

Regional Manager, Outtech, Inc.

Handshake Whitepaper

Sell More with Sales Order Management Technology

Learn how improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales team with a mobile sales order management solution leads to increased order volume.

Increase sales order volume

    Provide information reps need at their fingertips.

  • Rapidly write orders and spend more quality time with customers
  • Make better recommendations with order history and customer reports
  • Log visit notes to surface new strategies for your accounts
  • Beautifully present your brand and products
  • Offload small orders and customer service tasks to a B2B portal

Customer Success Story

Building an Omni-channel Sales Strategy with Handshake

"It’s great to come into work and find that orders were placed overnight. Before, we had to pick up the request in the morning and get back to the client about stock availability...It’s a massive advantage."

Val Rucarean, Senior Sales Administrator, Linda Farrow

Manage your team to victory

    Crush your number with data driven decisions.

  • Track customer results and key activities to set individual priorities
  • Sell more of what's in stock with inventory level availability
  • Motivate your team by monitoring rep and region performance
  • Influence product development and marketing with field insights
  • Tie sales wins to meetings using visit notes

Customer Success Story

Driving Success with Handshake's 4-Step Onboarding

"It was amazing how quickly reps adopted Handshake and started using it. It was within a week of training. Typically, when you’re looking at a project like this, it can take months and months. But Handshake made it quick and easy."

Lindsay Jesseau, Director of Customer Experience, Vega

Get your reps set up with minimal effort

    Start taking orders rapidly with the support of Handshake.

  • Assign customers and brands to reps and territories
  • Instantly access updates to products, pricing, and customer data
  • Easily customize settings to your business needs
  • Train sales reps and administrators as part of onboarding
  • Speed system integrations with Handshake Implementation Services

Connected to the core of your business

Easily integrate Handshake into your core business systems with a fully–featured, transparent web services API and customizable data CSV exports. Support for QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, SAP and more.