Increase customer satisfaction through better service

Retailers appreciate the convenience of 24x7 availability.

  • Empower retailers to do business with you more often
  • Streamline process to reduce retailer ordering time
  • Eliminate service calls for basic account, product, and order questions
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Expand sales and reach new customers

Access new geographies and customer segments.

  • Profitably serve customers you couldn't see before
  • Efficiently handle retailers with low order volume
  • Extensively market your collection to prospective retailers
  • Easily invite new retailers to join your portal

Develop retailers into strong brand advocates

Nurture deep customer connections year round.

  • Maintain a permanent brand showcase
  • Offer training materials, merchandising guidelines, and promotional videos
  • Run promotions that immediately convert into orders
  • Communicate updates on products, new releases, and early previews

Start taking orders online in days

A simple set-up and rapid launch.

  • Quickly upload retailer and product info
  • Customize with your brand and messaging
  • Publish your B2B portal instantly