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Minimum $150 - San Francisco, CA

Free Flow Botanicals is a conscious beauty brand that helps women amplify their natural beauty through skincare + self-love rituals. Our high vibrational plant-based skincare products are lovingly handcrafted in California, and made in small batches with organic & natural plant ingredients. No harmful chemicals, parabens, sulfates, or toxic ingredients of any kind are used. Infused with Reiki healing energy, these products boost skin health as well as the health of our planet. We also offer holistic beauty coaching + classes, Reiki healing sessions, and the Holistic Beauty Collective, a plant-based community for learning and connection. Let's connect on Instagram! Follow @freeflowbotanicals and say hello in the DMs.

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Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Retail from $38.00

Matcha Buffing Grains

Retail from $18.00

Nourish Facial Oil

Retail $46.00

Red Agate Gua Sha

Retail $28.00

Hydrate Facial Mist

Retail from $24.00

Amethyst Gua Sha

Retail from $38.00

Soothe Salve

Retail $28.00

Sleep Pillow Mist

Retail $16.00

Cleanse Facial Oil

Retail from $28.00

Purify Facial Steam

Retail $24.00

Calm Body Oil

Retail from $22.00

Slim Spa Headband

Retail $6.00

Lapis Lazuli Gua Sha

Retail from $44.00

Relax Soaking Salts

Retail $16.00

Glow Facial Oil

Retail $46.00

Natural Body Brush

Retail from $6.00

Smudge Room Spray

Retail $16.00

Floral Knot Headband

Retail from $5.00

Relieve Oil

Retail $20.00

Gray Agate Gua Sha

Retail $28.00

White Jade Gua Sha

Retail from $30.00

Blue Spot Jasper Gua Sha

Retail from $28.00

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