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Minimum $100 - Rochester, NY

For the guy who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty - but still wants to clean up nice. Gentleman Farmer is a woman-owned, values-driven men's grooming and accessories brand, dedicated to crafting high-quality, sustainable products. Proudly based in Upstate New York, all products are made in the USA with people and planet in mind.

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Signature Tote Bag

Retail $15.00

Whiskey Stones

Retail $20.00

Hair and Body Wash Classic

Retail from $10.00

Hair and Body Wash Sport

Retail from $10.00

Daily Face Wash

Retail $24.00

Trucker Hat

Retail $30.00

Flower City Candle

Retail $48.00

Bergamot Body Soap

Retail $12.00

Signature Bow Tie

Retail $60.00

Keepsake Box

Retail $20.00

Beard Oil

Retail $27.00

Gentleman Farmer